Radiography (X-ray) is one of the most important, versatile and widely accepted of all the non-destructive examination methods.

Radiography is based on the ability of X-rays to pass through metal and other materials opaque to ordinary light, and produce photographic records of the transmitted radiant energy. All materials will absorb known amounts of this radiant energy and, therefore, X-rays can be used to show discontinuities and inclusions within the opaque material. The permanent film record of the internal conditions will show the basic information by which weld soundness and be determined.

Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd has a handling capacity of up 5000Kg in weight and thickness range of up to 65mm steel. X-Ray equipment includes 300kV directional and panoramic units, 220kV directional unit, 200kV panoramic unit, and 160kv constant potential unit.

Film processing is done using automatic processing units, and film interpretation implemented on variable intensity viewers capable of reading up to densities of 4.0.

In total four compounds are available to customers to meet their needs.

Sizes as follows :

Compound 1 – 3.7 meters x 3.2 meters

Compound 2 – 3.7 meters x 3.2 meters

Compound 3 – 8.7 meters x 4.7 meters

Compound 4 – 5.3 meters x 2 meters

Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd recognise all National and International standards.