Ultrasonic’s is a versatile inspection technique. It is used to test a variety of both metallic and non-metallic products such as welds, forgings, castings, sheet, tubing, plastics and ceramics.

Ultrasonic’s has the advantage of detecting subsurface discontinuities with access to only one side of the specimen.

The objective of Ultrasonic’s testing is to ensure product reliability by means of :

1, Obtaining information related to discontinuities.

2, Disclosing the nature of the discontinuity without impairing the usefulness of the part.

3, Separating acceptable and unacceptable materials in accordance with predetermined standards.

Ultrasonic Examination of welds and materials are carried out using modern digital equipment, material thickness examination using computer calibrated thickness analyser is also undertaken.

Ultrasonic Examination can be carried out in-house or on-site for your convenience.

Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd recognise all National and International standards.