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Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd is a well-established industrial inspection company having over 50 Years experience within the Inspection ‘field’. We provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of materials testing services in the country from within the heart of the West Midlands.

Modern technology and the most up-to-date computer based machines and equipment are employed to ensure all of Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd testing disciplines are founded on accuracy, quality of service, and fast turnaround, all provided at a keenly competitive price.

At its main base, there are four x-ray rooms and 5000Kg handling capacity handling material thicknesses of up to 65mm.  The Industrial Radiography service is supplemented by Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Hardness Surveying, Positive Material Identification, Thickness Testing and Ferrite inspection, both in house and on site. This facility means Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd is able to offer a complete testing package for its customers.

Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd has a deep and extensive understanding of the needs of a wide range of industries, having serviced regularly companies within the oil, gas, petrochemical, nuclear and conventional needs of the client.  Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd operators are multi-disciplined in either  PCN and SNT ensuring the best possible quality service is always given.  Among our clients are blue-chip customers including leading oil companies such as Shell, BP; Laing Construction; British Gas; and the Ministry of Defence. Power generation, desalination, aerospace, sub-marine, civil and general engineering areas.

Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd carries out all aspects of NDT in accordance with current internationally recognized Quality standards.