Because magnetization of certain metals is possible, small particles that are attracted to magnetic fields are applied to the surface of the test object after or during induction of a magnetic field, thereby detecting certain discontinuities which are present in the material. Since magnetic particle testing is capable of revealing discontinuities (variations in the material composition) economically, it is one of the most used non-destructive test methods. However, this test method is limited to disclosing only those discontinuities that are near to the surface.

Magnetic particle examination is used to assure maximum reliability of welds, castings and forgings. To accomplish such reliability, test standards have been established and test results must meet these standards.

A wide range of Magnetic Particle Examination methods are carried out using contrast aided  inks and fluorescent ink / ultra violet light combinations.  For multi component examinations bench MPI Units are available.

Magnetic particle examination can be carried out in-house or on-site to meet your requirements.

Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd recognise all National and International standards.