Positive Material Identification (PMI) provides alloy chemistry and grade ID information instantly using a handheld tube-based analyzer without having to transport, alter, or damage the material. PMI is also used to ensure that the parent material in vessels and pipe spools is composed of the correct composition (i.e., 304 or 316L) and once the component is welded that the correct filler material was used.

PMI verification is used to dedicate material or components that were purchased “commercial grade” without having the extra cost associated with purchasing “safety related” components and material.

PMI also ensures that the base material of piping and vessels meets the design specification and/or purchase order requirements.

When repairs are made to existing vessels and piping, a PMI test can quickly verify the material composition to ensure that the correct welding procedures and consumables are selected for use.

Positive Material Identification examination can be carried out in-house or on-site to meet your requirements.

Spectrum Inspection Services Ltd recognise all National and International standards.

Examination on materials performed using modern XR-F digital analysers, with fully detailed reporting.