Because of the basic characteristics of Liquid Penetrant testing it is used to test a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials such as welds, castings and forgings. Since Liquid Penetrant  testing is capable of economically revealing surface discontinuities (variations in material composition) in a variety of dissimilar materials it is one of the most effective tools available to quality assurance personnel.

The objective of Liquid Penetrant testing is to ensure maximum reliability by providing means of :

  1. Obtaining a visual image related to a discontinuity on the surface of the specimen under test.
  2. Disclosing the nature of the discontinuity without impairing the material.
  3. Separating acceptable and unacceptable materials in accordance with predetermined standards.

Methods employed by the company include contrasted inks and fluorescent / ultra violet techniques, bench facilities available.

Liquid Penetrant examination can be carried out in-house or on-site to meet your requirements.